Our team of RPA specialists are trained and certified in UiPath, Automation Hero, and other leading automation software. We understand the positive business outcomes of automation and its large-scale implementation, as well as the specific key industry challenges for the present-day company. We help your organisation optimise its business processes by improvement and automation.

RPA can liberate employees, enabling them to work on high-value qualitative and creative tasks by removing monotonous day-to-day duties. RPA can also boost productivity, reduce error, increase security and compliance, improve customer satisfaction, save costs, and prepare your company for AI adoption. Our consultants are experts at identifying the processes that will have the biggest impact on revenue and delivering the solutions that are the best fit for your business.

Our Mission

AccelerateRPA is dedicated to helping companies of all sizes leverage RPA within their business. We focus on our clients' strategic drivers and use them to deliver bespoke automation implementations at scale. Our Consultants guide our clients through each stage of the process, from inception to delivery, and significantly reduce their overall costs by improving the quality and efficiency of their businesses.

We provide organisations of all sizes access to affordable RPA and help them unleash the full potential of deploying a virtual workforce. Specifically, our consultants have a lot of experience in the insurance, financial services, and banking industries, as well as the processes particular to those industries.

Our Consultants possess all the skills required to configure, design, develop and support companies throughout their RPA implementation.

  • Configure


    Our consultants always approach projects with your specific business requirements guiding the implementation strategy.

  • Design


    We can help you identify which of your business processes will provide the greatest ROI by automating.

  • Develop


    Throughout the process we will continually improve your automated processes to maximise productivity.

  • Support


    Our consultants will monitor and support your virtual workforce to increase efficiency and reduce downtime.