AccelerateRPA & Automation Hero Partnership Announcement

AccelerateRPA & Automation Hero Partnership Announcement

AccelerateRPA is proud to announce a new partnership with Intelligent Process Automation software vendor Automation Hero. Automation Hero provides a sleek and simple platform that allows users to implement Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence solutions with remarkable ease.

It is becoming increasingly common for RPA platforms and other automation providers to offer products which harness the power of AI alongside established and proven RPA technical methodology. This combination of AI and RPA is known as Intelligent Process Automation, or IPA. The goal of IPA is to facilitate easy and fast development of automation solutions that include AI capabilities (such as Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing) to achieve better scope, accuracy, and robustness than would normally be possible with RPA alone. One of our consultants wrote a blog post in March 2018, touching on the concept of IPA and its increase in prevalence. This blog post can be found here:

Automation Hero is focused on the 'intelligent' part of IPA, supplying highly intuitive and accessible AI tools and structuring its platform around them to help users create AI-focused automation. With just a few clicks, a ML model can be set up for training and ready to use almost immediately.

Automation Hero is simple yet flexible, including APIs that can be used to integrate its resources into other solutions. This makes it compatible with other RPA software, such as UiPath, our specialty as a consultancy and with whom we are a silver partner. This allows us to provide bespoke solutions that take advantage of the benefits of multiple platforms, or to build on top of existing solutions to improve them beyond what was previously in scope without starting from scratch.

As a leading RPA consultancy, it is extremely important to us that we can offer to our clients a broad range of technologies and approaches to meet their business needs. Furthermore, we strive to be able to provide the best possible solution to suit each client on a case-by-case basis. Automation Hero is a welcome addition to our technology partner program and arsenal of automation.