Is Your Business Built for Your Customers in the Age of Continuous Connection?

Is Your Business Built for Your Customers in the Age of Continuous Connection?

A vital part of a company’s marketing and customer care strategy is regular communication with their clients in some form. This is true now more than ever as consumers are connected to the internet and a mobile network practically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, along with all the different communication channels enabled by them. As such, reaching out to clients in as efficient and customer-centric a manner as possible is key for a business to achieve its optimum outreach and improve the experience of its customers. In fact, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to argue that having no client communication at all usually leads to poor client satisfaction and unhappy customers

Customers want to feel cared for by the companies they do business with; they expect a personalised experience at all stages of the customer lifecycle. But how can an organisation consistently communicate tailored messages across every individual’s preferred channels? This seemingly mammoth task leaves many organisations wondering, ‘how can we reach out to all our clients in this way whilst keeping time and costs down?’

Particularly now, where the customer experience has been largely taken to the ever more prevalent mobile device, it can be said that to a certain degree, customers can expect mobile contact from companies, be it SMS (text), WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook messenger, Instagram messaging, or any other channel. This is particularly relevant for insurance companies, which traditionally perhaps have a reputation of being subpar at staying in touch with their clients when compared with other sectors. This is partly because of the tight regulations on responding to customer enquiries and complaints, draining resources which could otherwise be used to reach out to customers and actively boost satisfaction and renewals by offering transparency on their policies and proactive customer care (as opposed to reactive damage mitigation). Price comparison websites have arguably disrupted this aspect of insurance by putting customer satisfaction at the forefront of their rating systems. It should, therefore, be of great interest to insurance companies that wish to increase their visibility and reputation on these websites to modernise the way they reach out to their customers, particularly to the constantly growing subset of customers and prospective customers, millennials.

At AccelerateRPA, we look to find and create solutions that optimise a company’s processes and to ensure it stays competitive by increasing the efficiency of said processes with automation. An idea we came up with to solve the issue of insurance companies needing to reach out to their customers led to the creation of an extension of UiPath’s existing features. We created an activity which sends SMS messages to one or multiple phones using the TextMagic API. We found that this activity includes a host of benefits, for example:

  • It could be used as a service to get regular status updates from a robot executing a company’s process.
  • Similarly, it could send warning messages to the relevant employees when a business exception is met during the running of a task, indicating human intervention is needed.
  • And potentially the largest benefit of this component, the ability to contact customers en masse. For instance, if a robot processes a customer’s payment, a text message can be instantly sent to update the customer and notify them that their payment has been processed, with a follow up message notifying them that their payment has been accepted or rejected. Or customers could be prewarned that their policy is coming up for renewal and a new policy advertised to them which better suits their needs, boosting long-term customer retention, value, and satisfaction.

We always look for ways to improve the work life within a company, and if you believe this process, or anything similar, could be of benefit to your company, please feel free to get in touch to book your initial consultation today!

Link to the component, made by Elliott Gearing, AccelerateRPA Consultant: