Limitations of RPA Software

Limitations of RPA Software

We have all heard so much recently about automation coming into many sectors and industries and there have been numerous studies predicting the impact (Such as this one from Oxford University). While the focus tends to be on Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), a 'simpler' and more robust tool is often overlooked. I am talking, of course, about Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

The growth of RPA is undeniable and I believe that even the most generous growth predictions are underestimates. My reason for saying this is that in many ways RPA software is still very much in its infancy. While tools like UiPath, BluePrism or AutomationAnywhere are extremely powerful and well built pieces of software they are still relatively young in the tech world and the fact that new features are constantly being added, such as improved app integration and better OCR plugins, show that there is still a long way to go before we can say that RPA has reached its full potential.

Cloud based control of robots is another area that currently, while powerful and incredibly useful, has plenty of space to innovate in order to change from a rather blunt tool to a truly revolutionary aspect of the RPA developers toolkit. Finally the marketplace is currently only really open to large corporations as implementation of RPA solutions tends to be quite a large scale endeavour but in the near future I believe we will see many more small businesses and even individuals employing RPA in their work, this diversification of need and scale in RPA can only lead to a healthier industry and futher innovation of tools.

This is not to say that there are no boundaries to RPA tools. There are certainly many things that AI or IPA can do that conventional RPA and of course some types of task that are completely out of the scope of any current or future RPA tools. However, one must always use that right tool for the job and as the tools get better there will be many more jobs that it is appropriate for.

With such powerful tools that will only get more advanced and feature-rich and a marketplace that is bursting with opportunity. The limits of RPA, for the time being at least, seem very far out of reach and personally I think that is a great thing.

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