Our Methodology

Our process for RPA development and implementation is delineated into the following six stages:

  1. free initial process discovery consultation

    Analyse and select business processes
    Calculate ROI, demonstrate software, and present proposal

    Free Consultation
  2. Proof of Concept

    1-2 processes automated
    Proof of value

  3. Phase 1: Pilot (Production)

    More processes automated
    Testing and go live

  4. Phase 2: Shadowing

    Evaluations with stakeholders
    Process assessments
    Hiring internal RPA developers

  5. Phase 3: Training

    Centre of Excellence (CoE)
    Ongoing training
    Monitor and scale

  6. Phase 4: Hypercare

    Orchestrate virtual workforce
    Continual review and improvement of CoE and automation pipeline

Managed Services

Upon completion of the development and implementation of an RPA project AccelerateRPA can provide on-going assistance with the management and maintenance of your virtual workforce. This 'Managed Services' offering includes 2 support days per month for the 12 months following the project, these days can be used at any time provided we are given prior notice. During this time our Consultants will be able to improve and refine the bot and address any maintenance requirements.

Centre of Excellence (CoE) Setup

Throughout the project lifecycle AccelerateRPA will be establishing foundations for the future of your RPA programme - provided this is in line with your long-term expectations. We will work alongside your senior management teams as well as the day-to-day employees to establish a playbook of best practices and help shape the necessary governance for a longstanding RPA programme. This is usually in the form of a CoE.

There are three types of CoE and our Consultant will work with you to help establish which will be the most suitable for your company.

  • Centralised - One CoE serving all business units
  • Hybrid - One main RPA CoE, linked to several smaller COEs linked to specific business units
  • Federated - Fully independent CoEs within individual business units

Training (The ARPA Academy)

We have spent a great deal of time refining our academy programme to ensure we produce the only the strongest and most enthusiastic RPA consultants within the industry. We offer our clients the same training (albeit a slightly condensed version) that our own Consultants undergo under the guidance of our experienced trainers. The training academy can be structured around your requirements, with a modular curriculum that is adjusted to focus on what is most important to you, whether that's development, analysis, architecture or project leadership. Upon completion of the training all attendees will receive certificates that reflect the area of study they have focused on.


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