• We have developed an operating framework that both highlights and challenges the typical barriers that RPA projects often face in the early stages. At the beginning of the consultation process we encourage our clients to challenge each of the points below. By taking the time to reflect under the

  • direction and advice of our consultants, this analysis emphasises the importance and benefits of adopting RPA. Alongside our clients’ internal teams, we review the arguments for adopting RPA and identify key weaknesses with their current operational processes. We then develop a strategy, targeting

  • these weaknesses first to improve efficiency, and then exploring enterprise-wide opportunity and scope of RPA. Once we have identified the reasons for and created a strategy that outlines how to implement RPA, our clients realise that they can trust our ability to deliver a successful RPA implementation with both speed and precision.

  1. Explore

    We encourage our clients to think big – big changes lead to big rewards. Our consultants are trained to spot the prime targets for automation and will develop a strategy that offers long-term sustained growth and ongoing ROI.

  2. Vision

    All our consultants share the same passion for RPA; a passion to help their clients recognise the value of a virtual workforce. When working with the client they will bring this passion to the team and adopt our client's vision for the future of their company

  3. Value Capture

    It is important to start with the right processes. Often the speed of execution and timeframe for ROI are key factors, but also accuracy, time saving, continuity, longevity, and sustainability are important factors to take into consideration. Long-term scalable RPA implementations require big-picture strategies, and these strategies require clear roadmaps to ensure ongoing growth and improvement. Our consultants help our clients to understand and identify this.

  4. Operating Model

    Our consultants advise our clients on how to create an internal governing structure that reinforces their RPA infrastructure. Enterprise-scale RPA implementation requires minimal ongoing technical maintenance, however having a comprehensive governing structure will aid growth and drive ROI.

  5. Foundations

    Our consultants can deliver automation at scale and at pace. We set the foundations for future growth and ensure that our clients start in the right place and are heading in the right direction.

  6. Ignite

    RPA is transforming the way companies and their people work. We encourage our clients to redefine their culture and relieve their employees from the monotonous and repetitive day-to-day tasks they are required to perform. Holistic reform of attitudes to work combined with the embracing of new technology will ensure ROI and promote a more dedicated, challenged, and productive workforce.